Horse transport by Horse Service International

Horse transport
HSI is one of the leading horse transport companies in the world and definitely one of the most experienced and service oriented horse transportation companies that you will find. We have direct contact with the appropriate managers of airlines, an extensive knowledge of customs and veterinary requirements and a worldwide network of agents and importers. On top of that all your horse transportation services will be handled personally at the airports.
Horse Service International has a 24/7 work mentality that is unique in the world of horse transport companies.

Horse transport services
Because we have a good cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, NVWA, several European laboratories and our own stables for the pre-export quarantine period we can say that we offer the most extended package of services that is available in the world of horse transportation. Our service is from stable to stable. Most of the horses are flying in and out of Schiphol Airport. HSI has its own office there with experienced staff. HSI has its own customs license, which makes it possible for us to arrange all possible imports, such as final, temporary, re-importation and transits. HSI also has a current account at customs. Therefore we can arrange the financial business quickly.
As an extra service, HSI can act as a Limited Fiscal Representative (BFV) for our EU-based customers who have a VAT number. That means less work for you as our client.
It is our priority that the horses arrive at their destination in excellent health and condition. Therefore we work together with the Veterinary clinicHorst that has been the fixed clinic for medical care during the quarantine period for over 25 years.

Horse transport cost
The cost of horse transport depends on several aspects. Horse transportation rates depend on the destination of horses and the number of horses. But also the sex of the horses (mare, gelding or stallion) the kind of horse (mini ponies. Ponies and horses) play a role in the horse transportation rates. Thereby will the final cost also depend on which blood tests the horse will have to undergo and how many pre-export quarantine days will be required.
If you have any questions regarding horse transportation rates at HSI, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a suitable offer.