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Mexico has been amongst the top three export countries in recent years. As with China, the country has had tremendous growth recently, with a weekly flight from Amsterdam to Mexico City.


Friesians and Spanish horses are popular in Mexico, but also KWPN horses and tinkers. Frisians are particularly sought after for their beautiful, strong appearance and running power. To save costs, the foals are often transported at a young age; they then go in a group, loose in the horse container. In this way there is an efficient load factor relating to the stable and the costs per horse will decrease.


Transit Country
Mexico has also developed strongly as a transit port in recent years. It is not possible to obtain a direct flight to destinations such as Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica. For the purpose of transport to these destinations, Mexico demonstrates that it is a transit country par excellence; before the horses arrive in Mexico, HSI together with its importer has another plane ready to provide transit to the desired destination.

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