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Horse transport

Horse Service International (HSI) specialises in stable-to-stable transport and handling of horses to any national, international or intercontinental destination by road and air. Besides transporting the animals, we also take care of all the required customs formalities and veterinary health certificates and supervise any blood tests that may be required.

The story of Horse Service International starts in 1986. Lau van Nieuwenborg, currently HSI's Managing Director, had by that time risen to the position of Manager/Director of Special Projects at Gerlach Dispatch in Venlo, the Netherlands. In the beginning of 1986, Gerlach Dispatch had established a division which was involved in the transportation of horses. When NedLloyd acquired the dispatch company and expressed a desire to focus on its core business, Van Nieuwenborg seized the opportunity and in 1991, he took over the division responsible for horse transportation. In the village of Meterik (province of Limburg, the Netherlands), he quickly established a professional company, built an office, an inside riding school, stables, a horse exerciser, an outdoor riding arena, a paddock and a grazing area.

Horse Service International, located on the Hazenkampweg in Meterik, has accumulated so much experience over the years that we can, if desired, take care of all your horse transportation needs, including all the necessary customs formalities, veterinary health certificates and any obligatory blood tests. All international requirements and regulations applicable to the transportation of horses have been entered in our computer systems. Consequently, we ‘know our way round’ better than anyone.

Van Nieuwenborg is rightly proud of his achievements, especially because he has quickly gained the trust of traders and the authorities alike. Good contacts with the veterinary services are essential and allow Horse Service International to respond immediately to any changes in the rules and requirements with regard to blood samples or flights, for instance.

Such contacts cannot be developed overnight; you have to win the trust of your clients by treating every one of them in a professional manner. "I considered that to be our primary objective when we started as an independent company in 1991," says Van Nieuwenborg. "Happily, we succeeded. We can continue to build on that in the future."